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At Advanced Construction Services Inc., (ACS) we strive to bring a quality product, at a reasonable price, without compromising safety.  We offer services to a myriad of Government clients. Our expert team of seasoned professionals partner with our clients to bring their proposed projects into reality.  Honesty, integrity and professionalism are just a few of the attributes that our clients have come to know and expect from our team.

Advanced Construction Services Inc.

W912BV-15-C-0009- DLA Preventative Maintenance Contract, TAFB, OK
Owner: Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District            Completed: Under Contract
Value: $1,616,000.00

This contract is to provide preventative maintenance services in 22 DLA owned buildings located on Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.  This contract requires that we perform the PM on 2241 separate pieces of equipment.  The equipment ranges from fire rated doors, fire protection systems, mechanical systems, HVAC systems and electrical systems.  Through the execution of this contract we utilize existing relationships with reputable companies such as Trane and Advanced Fire Protection.  Frequency of PM services is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and can range from annually to weekly.

Brian Hutchison (USACE) - 918-669-7426,
Terrance Williams (DLA) - 405-739-4222,

N62473-12-R-5026- AMI Metering Installation
Owner:  NAVFAC SW                                                                 Completed: June 2013
 Value:  $1,141,206.79

ACS was hired by the Navy to design-build and install a complete AMI Smart Meter infrastructure in the facilities surrounding the airfield at MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA.  ACS provided the design and executed the installation of said meters for water, gas and electricity.  The system was designed to be controlled remotely, and training on the systems and its software were provided to the Government at no cost.  We finished this project ahead of schedule, on budget and received the Navy’s STAR award for safety.  In addition we received an “outstanding” CCASS evaluation. This project was also executed with minimal outages and with no disruption to the critical mission of the airfield activities at MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA.

Debra Evans (ROICC) – 760-725-0793,
Timothy Drexler (ROICC) -760-725-8923,

N62473-14-D-2208- Utilities Job Order Contract, Camp Pendleton, CA
Owner: NAVFAC SW                                                                 Completed: Under Contract
Value: $4,000,000.00

This is a delivery order based contract issued to our Joint Venture by NAVFAC SW at Camp Pendleton, CA.  ACS self performs all of the utilities and underground work issued to us under this contract by our own labor force.  While performing this contract ACS has earned an Outstanding CCASS Evaluation as well as another Navy STAR Award for safety, which is our second consecutive receipt of the award. Request the available supplemental list of 19 task orders under this contract for more details.

Stephen Longo (USMC) – 760-207-1022,

NND15SA06P- LAWA Tank Recertification Project, Palmdale, CA
Owner:  NASA                                                                             Completed:  April 2015
Value:  $204,000

ACS provided permits to re-commission one 50,000 Gal above ground fuel tank, repair, patch/touch-up the containment structure coating for the 50,000 gallon AST using a California State Water Board  Approved epoxy coating. We touched up and painted pumps, piping and filtration system as required. The AST required re-painting is some areas in the interior, which we performed at the Government’s request.  We installed four (4) fire extinguishers, installed one (1) Morrison 10" emergency relief vent, welded on a fitting to the tank manhole to accept the emergency relief vent,  installed one (1) new vent/Vacuum Valve, installed NFPA placards on four (4) sides of the tank, inspected AST, vacuumed out any remaining reinstate and/or fuel, dried AST interior surfaces. (allowance for up to 500 gallons of reinstate), inspected piping, filter housing and systems for fuel and water, blew down and cleaned as required. We then performed a basic integrity test on AST per manufacture or UL-142 listing requirement, visually inspected the interior of the tank as required. We performed an initial filter set change out function testing of the fuel system (pumps, controls, meters, etc.), flushed and recirculated the fuel system after fuel delivery and performed the final fuel element change out. We also collected fuel samples and analyzed for particulate and compliance to ASTM 01655.

 Rosalia Toberman (NASA) – 661-276-3931,
Jacques Vachon (NASA) – 661-810-8572,

VA256-15-C-0071- VA Chiller Maintenance, Oklahoma City VAMC
Owner: Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs                                                    Completed:  Under Contract
Value:  $40,824.00

This project consisted of providing annual and quarterly preventative maintenance services to the Oklahoma City VAMC on 1000 ton, 600 ton, 160 ton and 50 ton chillers.  We perform this contract in conjunction with Trane.  We can also perform repairs and corrective maintenance on this equipment on a work order basis, as issued by the VA.  We are currently in the first year of this 5 year contract with the VA.

POC: Terry Abernathy– 405-456-3586,

W912BV-14-C-0008- Ft Supply Service Bridge Rehabilitation, Ft Supply Lake, Oklahoma
Owner: Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District                             Completed: May 2014
Value:  $143,261.00

This contract was an 8(a) direct award, negotiated contract.  The scope of this contract includes the rehabilitation of the service bridge at Ft Supply Lake, Oklahoma.  Ft Supply Lake is a reservoir owned by the U.S. Army, which is regulated through the use of flood gates.  The service bridge connects the maintenance area to the gate tower.  Repairs to be made include repair of concrete damage, waterproofing of the bridge deck (with anti-slip surface), expansion joint retrofitting, and extension of the scupper drainage system.  Of interest was the scupper drainage system, which was completely designed, fabricated and installed in-house by ACS.  This system served as a retrofit to the existing drainage originally installed on the service bridge.  The new system was designed to preserve and protect the service bridge by improving drainage from the bridge deck and routing runoff away from structural components of the bridge.  This contract was completed in June of 2014.

POC:  Debra Baker (USACE COR) – 918-669-7278,

W912BV-13-D-0012  DO 0002- Ft Gibson Dam Paint Hoist Covers and Seal Hatch Covers
Owner:  Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District              Completed:  June 2015
Value:  $1,120,882.00

This project located at Ft Gibson Dam, OK will involve removing 48 mechanical equipment concrete hatch covers that lie within an imbedded frame system, which cover the sluice gate hoisting equipment inside of the hydroelectric dam.  Each hatch cover weighed approximately 6,500 pounds.  The existing sealant will be removed, the hatches will be removed and transported to a laydown area where they will be abrasive blasted and recoated.  In order to remove these mechanical equipment hatch covers we had to remove and replace the original lifting lug u-bolts, which had to be custom fabricated to exacting standards.  Simultaneously the hatch frames that are imbedded in the dam structure will be blasted and cleaned and prepared for the re-installation of the hatch covers.  Once the hatches are re-installed all the joints and lifting lug recesses will be sealed with elastomeric sealant.  This will provide a weather proof seal to ensure that any equipment below the hatches inside the dam is protected.

Diane Ciance (USACE COR) – 918-669-7458,
Ryan Spoores (USACE QA) – 918-938-2413,

W912BV-13-D-0012  DO 0003-T9 Monorail Hoist Extension
Owner:  Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District           Completed:  May 2015
Value:  $237,000

This project was located on Tinker AFB, OK.  It consisted of disassembling a jet engine test facility and installing new structural steel and monorail system and fasteners to effectively extend the operational range of the hoist system by 10 additional feet.  This project also required the removal, re-routing and testing of fire protection systems.

Angela Hughes (USACE PM) – 405-869-2655,
John Foster (USACE) – 405-869-2616,

W912BV-13-D-0012- POCA
Owner: Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District           Completed: Currently under contract
Value:  $4M over 4 years (One year base with three option years)

This contract is an IDIQ contract, with individual task orders assigned.  Our first task order (DW01), which is was completed in April of 2014 was a design-build renovation project to the Marine Corps Reserve Center Vault located at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma.  We designed, submitted for approval and executed a renovation to include the strengthening of the armory through the installation of 3/16” hardened steel plating on the cast reinforced concrete walls to provide for a ten (10) minute fire and penetration rating, abated lead based paint on interior support column(s), provided new light fixtures both interior and exterior, provided new emergency power unit to keep lighting available in the event of an outage, installed new conduit for alarm system, installed new cove base, painted the interior of the armory and are in the last phase of installing a new GSA Class V vault door/day gate system manufactured to Government specifications. 

Debra Baker (USACE COR) – 918-669-7278,

W912BV-12-C-0036- Corbel Repairs Various Locations in Kansas and Oklahoma
 Owner:  Tulsa Corps of Engineers                                     Completed: January of 2013
 Value:  $1,206.634.00

ACS investigated and designed a remediation to update the load bearing capability of 6 service bridge corbels at various locations in Oklahoma and Kansas owned and operated by the Tulsa Corps of Engineers. The project included a design-build solution to update the bridges’ capacity to carry heavier loads (as they applied to modern machinery requirements) and to execute those repairs.  We finished ahead of schedule, on budget and received an “above average” CCASS evaluation.

Michael Nance (COR) – 918-704-5386,

W912BV-14-D-0007-DO 0001- Replace Breathing Air Equipment B1082, TAFB
Owner:  Tulsa Corps of Engineers                                    Completed: August of 2014
Value:  $57,345.00

ACS served as a subcontractor to design firm PDG Architects (GC) and performed the following scope of work:  Furnished all materials, labor, plant, tools, transportation, equipment, testing services, quality control and incidentals required to remove 2 breathing air purifiers, installed one new Hankison breathing air purifier (model #CBA95-ES) or Deltech Delmonix (model #DM95-ES) or approved equal that has an integrated Grade 5 cold coalescing filter. We also performed the necessary work to separate the two existing shop air systems to create one shop air system and one breathing air system. ACS connected the new air purifier and new storage tank (300 Gal) to the existing air compressor and dryer as necessary to create a breathing air system. Air flowed from the existing air compressor to the new storage tank to the existing dryer to new air purifier and lastly to the breathing air operator.

Don Frick (PDG Architects) – 405-830-7778,

W9127S-11-C-0021- Tainter Gate Girder Flange Splice Reinforcement
Owner:  Little Rock Corps of Engineers           Completed: March of 2013
Value: $1,033,083

ACS was hired to remediate the aging flanges supporting 12 tainter gates at Norfork Dam, Baxter County Arkansas.  The work performed at this power generating dam on the Arkansas River involved suspended scaffolding systems, lead paint abatement and containment measures, industrial coating applications, structural steel fabrication and welding.  ACS executed the project ahead of schedule, on budget and without any safety violations despite complex suspended scaffolding, fall protection planning and environmental protection risks.  This project was executed with no disruption to the critical mission of the hydro-electric dam and/or its personnel. 

Scott Hodge (P.E., Little Rock USACE) – 870-431-5391,

VA786-13-C-0122- Ft Sill Grounds Maintenance
Owner: Department of Veteran’s Affairs       Completed: Years 1&2, currently in option year 2(year 3)
Value: $438,846.52

ACS performs all of the grounds maintenance at the Ft Sill National Cemetery, located at Elgin, Oklahoma.  This contract consists of all mowing, edging, landscaping, fertilization and application of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications.  All services are performed on a weekly basis, sometimes we will schedule more than one service per week appropriately spaced out to accommodate special occasions/services taking place to honor Veteran’s and their families, to provide for an immaculate and appropriately respectfully prepared facility.  As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we pride ourselves in our ability to ensure that this facility is maintained at the highest standards, bestowing upon our veteran’s an appropriately earned final resting place.

Derek Reed (V.A. COR) – 303-914-5710,

VA786-13-C-0029- Ft Sill Irrigation
Owner: Department of Veteran’s Affairs       Completed: September 2013
Value:  $61,865.12

ACS was hired to demo and replace all of the sprinkler timers located at Ft Sill National Cemetery.  There was a total of six (6) timers to be demolished, with six (6) new state-of-the-art timers.  Each timer controlled fifteen (15) separate zones, all of which controlled and provided irrigation to the cemetery grounds at pre-determined times and durations.  ACS demolished, provided and installed these timers within our defined budget, ahead of schedule and provided the Government with factory software and training to operate the timers.  This was a competitively bid project outside of our current Grounds Maintenance contract.  We received an outstanding review from facility management.

Richard Guidry (Site Supervisor, V.A.) – 580-492-3200,

FA8101-11-C-0040- Modular Building Installation
Owner: OC/ALC PKOB, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma         Completed: March 2012
Value:  $80,957.80

ACS was chosen through the competitive bidding process to investigate, design and install a modular building unit in the aircraft maintenance building (B3001) on Tinker AFB, Oklahoma.  We provided a fully design-build conceptual package to contracting for a modular building, that we provided and installed inside of a critical mission, high traffic area.  The building and all of the required utilities (water, electrical, fire suppression and alarm) was installed with no interruption to Government personnel or the critical mission of the base. We completed this project a month ahead of schedule, on budget and without any safety violations.  We received an outstanding review from the contracting officer for this project.

Stephen Palmer (CO) –

W912BV-13-D-0012  DO 0001- Equipment Building and Gangways, Various Locations
Owner:  Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District         Completed:  March 2015
Value:  $110,000

This project involved fabricating and erecting a metal equipment building at Pine Creek Lake, OK, and the fabrication and installation of boat docks and gangways at Pat Mayse Lake, TX and Hugo Lake, OK. 

POC:  POC:  Debra Baker (USACE COR) – 918-669-7278,

FA8101-14-C-0004- Replace Roof Sections B201, Tinker AFB, OK
Owner:  AFSC_PZIOCA                                                         Completed:   April 2015
Value:  $1,680,379.00

This project involved the removal of the existing gravel and asphalt roof system, removal of outdated and unused abandoned curbs and structural steel components and the installation of a new built up hot tar roof system.  Approximate area of the roof project is 33,000 square feet.  This project required incidental engineering to preserve the structural integrity of the roof at the abandoned curbs, through the use of installing reinforced hardened steel roof plates.  ACS also re-routed an existing 2" airline.  We demolished the aging pipe and installed approximately 600LF of new ductile iron air line, painted to match new flashing and sheet metal, and supported on the roof top.

Stephen Palmer (CO) –

Regine Hazelett (COR) - 405-739-3367,

FA8101-14-C-0007- Replace Roof, B7003, Tinker AFB, OK
Owner:  AFSC-PZIOCB                                                          Completed:  August 2015
Value:  $674,000

This contract is for the addition of a SSMR System (standing seam structural roof system) which is designed and engineered to install on the top of the existing roof of the building.  This system had to meet or exceed wind uplift ratings and R values for insulation.  Also involved in this contract was the demolition of unused mechanical vents and ducting within the building.  The project was completed ahead of schedule. 

Dustin Lashley (Contract Specialist) – 405-739-3251,